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Product Quality

Less than 0,01% of our sales are returned by customers due to manufacturing defects.

+80 years’ experience

Reports on the oil’s quality

Several tests and reports made since 1993 certify our machines and evidence that its use does not impair the quality of the oil contained in the olives. Additionally, this recollection system does not cause any loss of fat and, therefore, the oil maintains the same commercial quality that the one obtained from the olive tree directly.

Find attached some of the studies carried out:

Informe de calidad 19931993 Junta de Andalucía

Oliviculture Experimental Station of Mengíbar

Informe de calidad 20152015 Generalitat de Catalunya

IRTA: Agroalimentary Investigation and Technology of Tarragona

Informe de calidad 20172017 Junta de Andalucía

IFAPA: Agrarian and Fishery Investigation and Education Institute of Mengíbar